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Sharing the creative processes that allowed us to develop Cloud Man is very important to us.  We would love for any one that comes along to one of our workshops to feel that they have a really good idea of how we made the show, and that they could use those techniques for their own purposes. 

The team behind Cloudman have a wealth of workshop and education experience, and work regularly with participant groups from pre-school to post-graduate levels.

We offer workshops for groups both large and small, younger and older participants.


Workshop for People Aged 4 Ė 7

Play and fun based around Cloud Manís adventures. 

Meet Cloud Man and some of his multi coloured friends.

What stories can you create in the world of Cloud Man?

This workshop promotes communication, confidence, play and fun.


Workshops for Theatre Makers

How did we make Cloud Man?

What are the ideas underlying the show?

How do you make Cloud Man come to life?

How can you make your own work inspired by our techniques?


Continuing Professional Development Workshops

For people involved in education and arts provision.

How can you use the techniques that we employed in the creation and development of Cloud Man in your own work?

A hands on series of practical exercises and sharings to allow you to explore new avenues to inspire your own practice.


Custom Workshops

Are you a parent and toddler group looking for a different activity?

A community group keen to try something out of the ordinary?

A library looking for a dynamic activity program?

We can create exciting and unique customised workshops for you and your group.


Bookings & Further Information

To book a workshop or for more information, please feel free to contact us at




+44 (0) 7946274804


For any further information about Cloudman contact

Ailie Cohen:  ailiecohen@me.com  or phone +44 (0) 7946274804